Obviously, Mitt Romney's selection of Paul Ryan as running mate and their unfolding attack on Democrats robbing Medicare to pay for ObamaCare is forcing a major shift in President Obama's reelection campaign.

As both parties approach their national conventions, Obama is, if you believe his aides, adopting a somewhat unorthodox strategy. Reporters traveling with Obama on his flub-filled, three-day trip across Iowa last week, which we wrote about here, began noticing that the crowds coming out to hear the Democrat for the 79th time were noticeably smaller than on previous trips.

But smaller crowds appearing to see an incumbent president is all part of the new plan, Obama aides maintain. Apparently, Obama's team is intentionally working hard to minimize the turnout of supporters at such events. And it's working.

Campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki, sought to explain the counter-intuitive approach for a campaign seeking to connect with the maximum number of voters:

“We have plenty of time for big rallies,” Psaki said earnestly. "Our focus right now is on exciting our supporters and winning over undecided voters and the smaller and medium-size events are the best venue to accomplish that because the president can closely engage with the crowd.”

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