Flashback to the fall of 2005: New Orleans and the coasts of Alabama and Mississippi were underwater. The federal response was a total disaster, and there was a terrible photo of President George W. Bush looking down over the devastation from a plane. The picture and failure to adequately respond caused outrage across the nation, especially from rapper Kanye West, who said that Bush "doesn't care about black people."

Obviously, a rapper is not the authority to make this judgement, but that reputation stuck and it's what many black people felt then and still feel today.

Well, now it's 2016, and part of Louisiana is underwater again and another U.S. president has failed to adequately respond.

President Obama has been missing in action. Rather than even doing a flyover, the president has been playing golf in Martha's Vineyard as 100,000 Americans lost everything and 30 parishes (counties) have been declared disaster areas in the worst natural disaster since Superstorm Sandy.

West himself is also missing in action, not even so much as tweeting about the devastation in Louisiana.

Now would be the time for a high-profile figure like Kanye to stand up and call out the president for refusing to tour the devastated area, and choosing golf over American lives.

It's as if he doesn't care about black people.