Things are not looking up for President Barack Obama. Between a new RNC ad highlighting 2008 Obama voters that are now in camp Romney and a young congressman calling him a failure on "every financial front," the president needs some serious help if he's going to win in November.

A new ad, just released by the Republican National Committee (RNC), shows how voters that previously supported Obama are shifting their support to Republican candidate Mitt Romney because they are disappointed with Obama's results.

The video, called "Switchers," shows personal interviews from Obama supporters that have been hurt by Obama's failure to grow jobs, reduce the deficit and boost the economy.

"You need a guy like Mitt Romney that can come in there and lead and put forth policies... and quite frankly just do something," says one small business owner in the ad.

The ad will be featured at the Republican National Convention this week, check it out here:


And that's not all.

Rep. Aaron Schock (R - IL) told The Daily Caller at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL that Obama has, "failed" for young people, on "every financial front."

“They [Young people] have been hit hardest by the recession; 50 percent of college graduates last May are still unemployed today, 50 percent of college graduates last May had to move back in with their parents because they couldn’t find adequate employment; can’t think of a better reason than having to move home with mom and dad to vote for a different president,” said Schock in an interview on Monday.

He said the debt was the biggest reason that young people should know better than to vote for Obama. "President Obama promised to cut debt in half during his first term in his administration and the debt has almost doubled," he said.

And, according to Schock, there is only one party that is proposing solutions and it is not the one of the current president.

Latest Gallup polls are listing Romney with a 1 percentage point lead on Obama as they move into the final and most difficult stretch, in the election season.

Obama is going to need a big burst of support from somewhere or he will have no choice but to watch his support slip to the other side, and time is running out.