Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's birth certificate reference may have drawn sneers and huffs of indignation from President Obama's reelection campaign, but that hasn't stopped them from using the drawn-out birther controversy to raise money.

The campaign features Obama's birth certificate stamped on items sold in the campaign's online store, a flash of the sense of humor Romney said he was trying when he told Michiganders Friday, "I love being home, where both of us were born. Ann was born in Henry Ford hospital I was born in Harper hospital. No one has asked to see my birth certificate, this is the place we were born and raised."

The items are part of the campaign's "Made in America" line that includes a $22.50 coffee mug, a $5 bumper sticker and a $5 button.

And now the campaign is hoping that the rest of the nation will be outraged with Romney's comments to send $3 to the president's reelection effort. Campaign Manager Jim Messina said in an email fundraiser:
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