President Barack Obama‘s campaign resorted to truth-telling Aug. 9 as it sought to calm the uproar caused by its support for a controversial attack ad that suggested Gov. Mitt Romney had caused a person’s death by cancer.

Spokeswoman Jan Psaki admitted Aug. 9 that Obama’s campaign had used misleading comments from Joe Soptic, a former union organizer at GST Steel, after she had denied any connection to Soptic.

The controversy over Soptic’s comments had put the campaign on the defensive, fired up Romney’s stump speeches and obscured valuable coverage of the president’s two-day tour through Colorado.

Soptic, via an Obama campaign slideshow and a controversial video broadcast by the Obama-allied Priorities USA super PAC, had suggested that Romney was responsible for his wife’s sudden death from cancer.

Her death came five years after Bain shut down the money-losing, low-tech steel-company, and seven years after Romney left Bain to manage the 1996 Winter Olympics.

Soptic’s wife had health insurance after GST was closed down.

On Aug. 7, the misleading ad was condemned by Romney’s allies and even by media outlets normally sympathetic to Obama.

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