Don't hold your breath waiting for an apology from Vice President Joe Biden for his off-color remark to a group of black people about the Romney campaign wanting to "put ya'll back in chains." It's not going to happen, according to Obama 2012 deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter.

When asked by CNN "State of the Union" fill in host Jim Acosta if Biden would apologize for the widely criticized comment, Cutter laughed and said, "No."

"Speaker Boehner - and even Paul Ryan -  have been traveling this country talking about the need to 'unshackle' the private sector, to unshackle the financial industry, and the Vice President was just taking that metaphor a step further and talking about wanting to put other people in shackles, and the word that he used - chains - is a distraction from the larger argument," she said.

Biden has since said that he meant to say shackles, not chains, and that his comment was a slip of the tongue. However black Americans, including former Alabama Congressman and Obama campaign chair Artur Davis,  have said Biden's comment was offensive. Even liberal newspaper The Boston Globe, which has seemed to work against Romney throughout the general election, has called on Biden to apologize.

Not content to close the subject with 'Biden won't apologize,' Cutter turned the argument on the Romney campaign saying that was is truly "a poor choice of words" is for Romney to call Obama "un-American" and accuse him of wanting to make America a "less Christian nation," which she said "we [the Obama campaign] find completely offensive.".

Cutter proceded to whine and complain about Romney's "faux outrage" over Biden and his "hypocrtical" remarks about the President while slamming Romney for being a whiner and complainer.

"So I appreciate that the tone of this campaign needs to stick to the issues, but we're not going to be lectured on that by Mitt Romney, because it's completely hypocritical," she said.

"At the very least, was it a poor choice of words?" Acosta asked Cutter.

"I think it is a distraction," she said, not backing down.

The problem with Cutter's analogy, however, is that Romney's labeling of President Obama as un-American throughout the Presidential campaign is no accident nor is it a gaffe. Mitt Romney, his campaign and many conservatives think that the President has not had the country's best long term interests at heart when making imporant foreign policy and diplomatic decisons.Former U.S. Speaker of the House and presidential candidate Newt Gingrich made Obama's lack of patriotism a theme of his campaign, saying in his stump speech that if he were President, he would promise that "never again does an American president bow to a Saudi king."

“The idea of walking arm-in-arm with the Saudis is ridiculous,” Gingrich said on the campaign trail. “They support Wahhabism, which is the most extreme form of Islam; 9/11 was not an Afghan job, it was a Saudi job.”

Conversely, Biden's remark was off-the-cuff and offensive to many Americans, not just the Obama campaign

Cutter also seems to forget that it was pro-Obama Super PAC Priorities USA that recently released a very deceitful ad suggesting Romney was responsible for the death of  a former Bain employee 's wife. The Super PAC, managed by former White House deputy press secretary Bill Burton, manipulated the timeline of Joe Soptic's wife's death, making it appear as if the woman lost her health insurance and died because Soptic lost his job at Romney company Bain Capital, which was not the case. 

The Obama campaign and the Democratic Party have refused to denounce the ad, saying it insinuated nothing that was untrue.

The ad marked a turn for the worst in the 2012 presidential campaign, sending it down a path of no return in which dirty politics trump honest discussions about the issues. Romney's accusasation that President Obama is un-American is hardly on the level of the Priorities USA ad that everyone but the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee think went too far. 

Cutter is correct that Biden's comment is a distraction, but it is not a distraction from the issues. Rather, it's a distraction from the propoganda the Obama camaign is trying to push on the American people.  If the Obama campaign didn't want the sorts of distractions Joe Biden tends to make, it shouldn't have put gaffe prone Biden on the ticket in the first place.