In an attempt to 'one-up' GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the Obama 2012 campaign relaunched its "Obama Classic fundraising gimmick Tuesday.

In an email to supporters Obama for America invites allies to donate to the president in hopes of winning two spots at what the campaign is calling the “Obama Classic,” an event that will give attendees the chance to shoot hoops with basketball stars like Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks and chat with Michael Jordan—and yes, President Obama—over dinner.

“Hit the court with Patrick Ewing and Melo? Trade stories with the President? This is the kind of stuff your kids will tell their kids, and no one will believe it until you show them a photo," the emails says.

Hall of Fame player Patrick Ewing, Sheryl Swoopes of the WNBA, Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and former NBA player Alonzo Mourning will also be in attendance at the "Obama Classic."

The email comes just a day after reports that Romney, with the help of the Republican National Committee, outraised Obama and The Democratic National Committee for the third month in a row.

In it's latest scheme to lure average Americans to donate "just $3" the campaign reveals its how desperate it is by offering donors the option to give the tickets to friends or family and instead watch the basketball extravaganza from the sidelines: “Don’t worry if suiting up with hoops stars isn’t your thing. I know you’ve got a kid or a friend who would love nothing more than to play with their heroes while you cheer them on from a courtside seat.”

Who wouldn’t want to get knocked to the floor by Carmelo Anthony, a current player on the U.S.A. Olympic team, in a quick game of hoops? Just don’t punch him in the groin like Argentina’s Facundo Campazzo did during Monday’s Olympic match-up; he might scream and stomp his feet. Hopefully the “Obama Classic” will be prepared to handle Melo’s diva moments.