It's no secret that Hollywood is in the tank for President Barack Obama - actors, musicians and high rollers have contributed thousands of dollars to Obama's reelection campaign for the opportunity to party with the President. But rather than donate money to the President's campaign, however, one liberal Hollywood director decided to do Obama one better - put his face on U.S. currency. The dollar bill, to be exact.

This weekend a remake of the 1990 futuristic film Total Recall premiered worldwide starting Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel. Directed by Len Wiseman, the 2012 film envisions a world destroyed by chemical warfare. Only two countries remain inhabitable: The United Federation of Britain and The Colony (modern day Australia). As suggested by the country's name, The Colony is where the lower-class, blue collar workers live. Every day residents of The Colony travel across the world via shuttle to the United Federation of Britain through the core of the earth. The premise of the movie is that the people of The Colony are oppressed by their British overlords, of which a radical group called "The Resistance" is trying to free them from. Farrell plays double agent  Douglas Quaid who doesn't know he's a double agent because his memory has been wiped and replaced with false memories.

While the plot of the entire movie has political undertones, Total Recall primarily focuses on Farrell's character's quest to find out who he really is (and to stay alive long enough to do so).

However, it wouldn't be a Hollywood film if it didn't contain one overtly and controversial political message.

Early in the movie Farrell's character visits a bank to retrieve the contents of a bank box. Of the items contained in the box is cash. Only one of the faces on the bills is recognizable, and it is that of current United States President Barack Obama.

Did the director of the movie intend to make a political statement? Of course he did.

"Did I have input [on the cash] – oh, yeah," Total Recall director Len Wiseman told tech blog SlashGear. "Because one of those bills is my dad. It’s right by Obama, the next one over is my dad Loren. So it was perfect to put him right as one of the presidents. And yeah I thought, yeah, we see our presidents heads up, I thought Obama would make a bill.”

The idea of putting President Obama's face on futuristic money in a movie like Total Recall is an idea only Hollywood would find intelligent.

It's hard to imagine that the world would commemorate the President of a country that allowed it to be destroyed by chemical warfare by putting his face on money. But more importantly, putting the face of the current President on a bill in Total Recall hits too close to home, particularly with the current threat of global chemical warfare that could be caused by the fighting in Syria.

Furthermore, the replacement of the first President's face on U.S. currency with the face of sitting President Obama, who is presently running for reelection, is disrespectful and distasteful.

Luckily for United States and GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, Total Recall is no summer blockbuster. The number of people who see the film in the U.S. will be minimal in movie standards. Total Recall is certainly no The Dark Knight or The Hunger Games and will likely be forgotten before it hits DVD and Blue Ray.