Amy Schumer, the comedic actress and cousin of liberal New York Senator Chuck Schumer, recently said that her unabashed support for Hillary Clinton and outspoken attitude in favor of gun control will likely hurt her ticket sales -- but she doesn’t care.

I applaud Schumer for recognizing that politics is important, and it should not be taboo for people to speak their minds on political issues. However, I think she grossly overestimates how much stock people actually put in her opinions on things outside of laughable content. As someone who has watched her since her breakout on the TV show, “Last Comic Standing,” I find her hilarious. Her (often crude) approach and ability to joke about things many people avoid gives her a unique brand of comedy. Does this mean I think this talent translates to political savvy? No chance.

As someone who understands that the Second Amendment was written in order to guarantee us a way to protect ourselves from tyranny, I see straight through Schumer’s ill-argued talking points when she goes on a rant about gun control. When she claims to somehow hold a moral high-ground for supporting Hillary Clinton or says she would “pull away from a friendship” if they were voting for Trump, I recognize that she really is just another Hollywood leftist.

Does this mean she isn’t funny? No way -- and I doubt her audience really cares about her political opinion, even if they completely disagree. Comedians’ entire success is built on making people laugh at things that are usually at the expense of someone or something. If a comedian never offends anyone, then he or she likely won’t have a very long career. Just like I don’t stop supporting my conservative senators or representatives when they fail during an attempt to be funny, I highly doubt people weigh Amy Schumer’s political opinion enough to protest her various projects.

If you do find Schumer’s pro-abortion, anti-gun, far-left policies to be a stumbling block to laughing at her jokes, then rest easy knowing she gives you license to do so in the interview. If she can end a childhood friendship over a political disagreement, then she won’t have any room to complain if you or I decide to stop buying Amy Schumer tickets and start watching more Tim Allen. He’s funnier anyway.