To paraphrase Taylor Swift, the statist gonna state, state, state.

That's just what New York City's Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) and the liberal city council intend to do to the ride-sharing service Uber. A bill by Democratic Council Member Stephen Levin would limit the company's ability to register new cars down to one percent a year.

City residents and Uber supporters were up in arms over the new proposals and voiced their opposition to city officials,Reason reported Saturday. Unfortunately, their concerns fell on deaf ears.

People who voiced their complaint received a demeaning email from New York City's First Deputy Mayor Tony Shorris.

"The reality is that today in New York City, Uber – a $40 billion corporation – is spending millions on a misleading political campaign to convince New Yorkers that it doesn't need more oversight from the City," Shorris wrote.

"New Yorkers deserve a real examination of whether Uber drivers are treated fairly; whether customers are protected against discrimination," he continued. "Whether Uber and other for-hire services will provide accessibility for the disabled, which they don't do reliably today; and whether New York City streets will become even more clogged as tens of thousands of more vehicles enter the market."

Shorris emphasized oversight and fair treatment of their employees as the key reason the city needed to reduce their growth.

So de Blasio and his allies on the city council are going to protect Uber employees, customers, and disabled New Yorkers in the name of "fairness" by reducing growth, opportunity, and customer service?

Liberal logic knows no bounds.