Social Justice Warriors who toss and turn at night over their shame and guilt of being white finally have a new outlet -- a website that allows you to pay reparations, so you can help repair the racial injustice in the system.

The new website, Reparations, is a venue for people of color to post things that they want and white people to post an offerings of items, money, or services they can donate.

Seattle-based artist Natasha Marin started the project and says it has nothing to do with slavery. This is payback for yesterday, today, and last week.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Marin said that the project started as a social experiment on Facebook where she asked her white friends what they could do and give to make the world a better place and makeup for the racial injustice.

“If it had just been 50 people and some connections were made, generosity shown and gratitude shown, I would’ve been happy,” Marin said to WaPo. "I think people are asking themselves: How can I be just a little bit better? It’s encouraging to see people remember that it feels good to be helpful.”

She said that she's taking the word reparations back to it's meaning: repair, helping those who feel broken.

So far 68 white people have made offerings and just 32 people of color have made requests.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the premise of people asking for charity and people donating their abilities to help improve someone else's living situation, and the fact that it's not compulsory makes it something that everyone could support.

But, that's all it is, charity.

This social experiment is not repairing race relations or going to overall improve opportunity for minorities -- and I mean black Americans. If your parents immigrated here less than 30 years ago, don't drum on about oppression. Don't try and piggy back on the black experience. Asians outpace whites in education, income, and stable marriages; they're too rich to b****.

There are multiple reasons why black Americans find themselves in generational poverty and stuck in failing schools; among them is the failed war on poverty, mass incarceration, drugs, and broken homes.

The black poverty rate was plummeting before Lyndon Johnson's Great Society Programs. It plateaued for decades until Bill Clinton's welfare reform in the mid-90's and has inched back up in the 2000's.

Failing schools, a dedication to only one political party, the war on drugs, single motherhood, gangs, and urban plight all added to leaving blacks behind as white and Asian Americans got ahead.

Now the nation has begun it's automation revolution. More of those stuck in low-skilled jobs and or containing few career skills will find themselves even further behind.

Marin's social experiment isn't likely to alleviate any of those problems. Sure, it be nice if someone offered free babysitting for a young mother to work or to pay for a man's college text books so he can get a better job, but these white people have been offering tarot card readings, spiritual guidance, a yoga bag, or a free beer.

Some people proposed helpful offerings, but it's not on one race to life up another. It should be our goal as Americans to lift up our fellow countrymen instead of spending time fighting the phantom menace of racial injustice with free stuff.