On Wednesday, President Obama addressed a crowd in Colorado and he was introduced by none other than infamous D-list political celebrity and government-provided contraception advocate, Sandra Fluke. Revealingpolitics.com used this contraception conservation as an opportunity to interview women Obama supporters and get their thoughts on the government's role in Americans' bedrooms.

Reporter Caleb Bonham asked several women if they believed that the government had a place in their bedroom. The common answer was of course "no" but when Bonham asked the natural followup question, "Then why do you believe the government should pay for what goes on inside your bedroom?" the women gave one of two responses.  They either repeated liberal talking points about the necessity of the government to provide contraception for poor women unable to afford it, or they were completely stumped by the question.

Sit back and enjoy watching these enlightened, progressive Obama supporters' wheels spin as they try to justify the concept of government-provided contraception while believing the government has no place between our sheets. (h/t HotAir)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4aFIkK79Of8]