Fullscreen's reality series "House Divided,"  premiering in the fall, could be the most creative attempt yet to persuade millennials to vote in the upcoming presidential election.

The new series "follows a group of eight millennials (two Trump supporters, two Hillary supporters, and three undecided) ahead of the election," Mashable's Saba Hamedy reported.

In the sneak-peak video, the eight 20-t0-30-somethings revealed both where they reside across the country and what political affiliation they identify themselves with.

"My name is Cassidy Gard, I live in Los Angeles, and I am a Democrat," the 26-year-old stated.

"The cast, who moved in on Friday, have already gone on a bus tour of D.C. and teamed up with Rock the Vote in a competition to see who could get the most millennials to register to vote," Hamedy noted.

The young stars will share a house in Capitol Hill, participate in volunteer work, explore DC, and "dive into 'hot button issues' such as abortion, racial discrimination, gun violence, transgender rights, climate change and immigration," a Fullscreen rep told The Washington Post's Helena Andrews-Dyer.

The reality show plans to premiere conveniently before election day on November 8th as a platform for political commentary to educate millennials on their presidential candidates.

Fullscreen intends to explore whether millennials "can do a better job than our elected officials, and change minds through conversation.”