The military has now opened all jobs to women, but that doesn't mean women are passing the required tests to make it. A female Marine officer, along with 33 men, failed to complete the Infantry Officer Course. She has now been dropped and there are no more women enrolled, Marine Corps Times reported.

The woman, who was the 30th woman to attempt it, failed the course for the second time in April. The course is slated to end on September 20.

Navy Secretary Ray Maybus emphasized that "standards will not be lowered for any group to get through." If they do change "as circumstances in the world change... they'll be changed for everybody." Even if no woman was able to pass the course five years from now, standards still "aren't going to change."

Male Marines and others have expressed concerns that as more women are admitted, there will be a weakening of the military, though it is a concern women have as well. With all services opening all jobs to women, despite overturned requests from the Marines to leave certain jobs only open to men, there has also been a debate over sending women to fight and including women in the draft. The Senate recently passed a bill requiring women to register for the draft upon turning 18, though there were mixed feelings and votes from the GOP.