*Slap.* That’s the sound of the latest attack ad against President Obama, courtesy of a handful of Navy Seals. The ad titled “Bow to Nobody,” produced by a political action committee comprised of a group of Seals, is a hard-hitting right hook at the Commander-in-Chief’s affinity for bowing to foreign leaders.

“I believe in American exceptionalism,” the Seal voiceover in the ad states emphatically. “As a Navy Seal, I fought so that I would never have to see my president bow to anyone” the voice says as an image of the president bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia appears on screen.

Special Operations for America is the SuperPAC behind the ad that states, “We sacrifice not because we have to – we bleed not because we want to. We fight because we need to and sometimes we die because we love this country.”

The president’s having a rough day today – the RNC recently released an ad titled “Switchers” that highlights former Obama supporters that are disappointed with the lack of results the president has garnered. The “switchers” are former 2008 Obama voters that have now become Romney supporters.

Oh and the cherry on top of the President’s day? Gallup released a poll that shows Romney up over the incumbent.


(h/t Daily Caller)