How much does Donald Trump love America? Almost as much as he loves himself...and suing people.

The contentious GOP candidate has a long history of saying whatever is on his mind no matter how blunt it may be -- but has an even longer history of suing anyone or anything that gets in his way.

His most patriotic lawsuit? The time he sued the city of Palm Beach, California, for not letting him fly his American flag on an 80-foot tall pole.

According to the 2006 AP report, Trump was cited for flying the extra-large flag on the extra-tall flagpole over his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach where the limit for a flagpole was 42 feet. He responded by filing the $10 million dollar suit citing his First, Eighth and Fourteenth Amendment rights.

“A smaller flag and pole on Mar-a-Lago’s property would be lost given its massive size, look silly instead of make a statement, and most importantly would fail to appropriately express the magnitude of Donald J. Trump’s and the Club’s members’ patriotism,” the lawsuit stated.

American hero and defender of the stars and stripes, Trump said at the time (with a frowny face and a sigh most likely) "The day you need a permit to put up the American flag, that will be a sad day for this country.”

In April 2007 Trump and Palm Beach eventually solved their "who's the bigger patriot?!" dispute by compromising on a 70-foot pole for Trump to display his patriotism, and they all lived happily ever after...until 2014 when Trump again sued a city (and won) for not letting him fly the biggest flag on the playground.

Trump, who in case you forgot is "really rich," has developed quite the litigious streak over the past few decades as a way to settle disputes or hurt feelings. The Daily Beast has chronicled his many lawsuits which have included anyone and everyone, ranging from people (even his ex-wife), cities, whole countries, newspapers, television networks, and newspapers.

In the weeks following his comments about Mexican immigrants, which resulted in numerous business losses for Trump, he fittingly filed a lawsuit against Spanish-language broadcaster Univision after they announced they would no longer air the Miss USA pageant, which is partially owned by Trump.

If The Tort-Happy Donald hopes to be a serious candidate for President of the United States, he's going to need to learn a better strategy than filing up a suit and saying "you're fired" to tackle big issues like national security or immigration.

(h/t DailyCaller)