In the wake of the tragic July 16 shooting in Chattanooga, Tennessee, families of the fallen Marines are still awaiting any contact from the Commander in Chief himself.

Cathy Wells, mother of Lance Cpl. Chip Wells who was killed in the attack at the Navy Operational Support Center in Chattanooga, spoke with Sean Hannity last week about her son's untimely death and the president's silence.

"Have you heard from the president?" Hannity asks Wells.

Clearly pained, the grieving mother closed her eyes before responding:


Hannity asked Wells if the silence from the president surprises her.  She again replied, "No."

"I am angry, but I am mourning the loss of my son," Wells continued.

Presdient Obama's official statement released the day of the shooting stated that he "obviously" sent "the deepest sympathies" and that the families of the killed Marines were "still in the process of being contacted."

Apparently, Obama's "deepest sympathies" come in the form of a formulaic press release and 11 days later, his administration is still in the "process" of contacting these hurting families.

Wells, who seems undeterred in honoring her son despite any personal recognition from the leader of the country he served, told Hannity what she was going to do next.

“I’m going to do what my son wanted to do before this happened," she said. "He wanted a gun."