It's tough to watch late night TV these days. David Letterman is just a bitter, angry old man. Jimmy Kimmel will take advantage of the "Late Show" host's decline once ABC moves "Nightline" out of his way, but that doesn't happen until January; and Jay Leno has now officially gone of the rails.
Leno had Dennis Miller on "The Tonight Show" last night and, as expected, Miller was rock solid with jokes. Meanwhile, Leno couldn't get out of his own leftist way.

"At this point Biden's so silly they ought to put one of those plastic dog collars around his neck so he doesn't hurt himself," joked Miller. All "Jay the Joke Killer" could add was, "I like Joe." Ya, whaddya like him for, he gives you punch lines? Leno, save the punch lines for one of your mechanics---we'd like to have a VP that is actually competent and doesn't sound like he spent the last six years sparring Rampage Jackson without headgear.

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