Time Magazine reported former presidential candidate Carly Fiorina is laying the groundwork to become the next RNC Chair. This news comes at a time when the party has encountered dramatic shifts and confusion. The contrasting Republican platform and Republican nominee have left the party divided and lacking guidance.

The future of the party is most important to the millennial generation who are entering the workforce and developing their political ideologies. The well-spoken Carly Fiorina is exactly what the Republican Party needs to bring in new young voters and steer the party in the right direction. Fiorina’s fiery demeanor, leadership, and logical stances on the issues make her unstoppable against the left.

According to USA Today, millennials are most concerned about finding a job. Carly Fiorina has ideas for the next party platform that will not only make it easier for businesses to hire more employees, but easier for more business to be created.

No matter how many accountants you hire or online software systems you buy, taxes are a burden. Carly Fiorina wants to make it simple with a three-page tax code. Millennials benefit from this because it gives them the opportunity to start a business without having to worry about hiring an army of accountants and lawyers. Fiorina wants to make it easier for small businesses to grow. As the RNC chair, she will be able to use her position to advocate for this policy and convince others in the party that it is something desirable to bring into the platform.

It is no doubt that technology plays an important role in millennials’ lives, and we know the usefulness of it. Throughout her presidential bid, Fiorina often spoke about the importance of technology in politics. As the former CEO of HP, Fiorina knows the potential technology has to give people a voice. She claimed that if she was elected president, she would have telephone polls for the people to let her know how they felt about issues by “pressing 1 for yes, 2 for no.” The Republican Party needs unification, and by incorporating technology, the party will be equipped to hear what voters want directly. The left is currently more advanced in online messaging and technological strategies. Fiorina would help modernize the party and bring in new voters using new technologies.

Lastly, with her determination, Fiorina will ensure the Republican Party wins. She quickly went from the 16th in the polls -- out of 18 candidates running for the Republican nomination -- to a household name. Even after dropping out of the race, Fiorina has stayed on the campaign trail to advocate for other Republicans. According to Time, Fiorina's advisors have been in contact with many state party executives over the past few months, helping Republicans in major races around the country with their upcoming elections.