Despite the endless series of controversies, gaffes, and media dust ups, millennials who support Donald Trump continue to have his back.

Siraj Hashmi of GVH Live went to a Trump rally in Ashburn, Va. on Tuesday and spoke to millennials in attendance to discuss why they're supporting the Republican nominee despite all of the controversy that surrounds him.

"I just think he speaks from his heart and unlike other candidates, he just wants to do the right thing and fix America," said a black Trump supporter.

"I'm voting for the welfare of the country, it's not really about issues for me," the Trump supporter continued. "You know what I mean? I just want the country to be better. If you look at America, it's not the same as it was before. It's changing and only certain people realize it, and certain people don't. Trump is the only person to speak on it and actually tell the truth."

The supporter is also very connected to the Republican nominee because he's one of the millions of men feeling the crunch of not having a college degree.

"They call us 'poorly educated' but he actually mentioned us, the guys without degrees, the guys that go to work everyday, the guys that go in and bust their ass everyday and nobody cared about us, but he actually spoke for us."

That's loyalty no 30 second ad can create.

Watch the full series of interviews below: