No sex please, we're millennials.

That's the case for younger members of Generation Y. Born in the 1990s or later, they are more than twice as likely as Gen-Xers and older millennials to be sexually inactive, according to a study published Tuesday in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Millennials as a whole are pretty square when it comes to sex. They have far fewer sexual partners than Baby Boomers and Generation X.

For the first time in decades, most high schoolers are virgins and just 11.5 percent of them admit to having four or more sexual partners, down from nearly 19 percent in the early 90s according to the Center for Disease Control.

A study from last year found that millennials have the fewest sexual partners of any group since before the sexual revolution, just eight.

There are several different reasons that young men and women are putting off sex, including: "pressure to succeed, social lives increasingly conducted onscreen, unrealistic expectations of physical perfection encouraged by dating apps, and wariness over date rape."

Feminists are also partly to blame, having spent the last decade attacking men for being proponents of rape culture, pushing phony sexual assault statistics, and having a serious of high profile phony rape stories -- from the Duke Lacrosse players to mattress girl, many young men are concerned they'll be accused of rape.

Noah Patterson, a handsome 18-year-old, told The Washington Post that he's a virgin because he's afraid of being accused that he's part of rape culture.

“Third-wave feminists seem to be crazy, saying that all men are participating in this rape culture,” Patterson said to WaPo and insisted that he much prefer masturbating to porn. “It’s quicker. It’s more accessible. What you see is what you get.” 

Experts also blame the smartphone technology; people are just having fewer and fewer real world experiences including sex.

Maybe Pokemon Go should launch a new app where players gain points by meeting other people and starting a conversation.

Millennials may also be suffering from growing up during the divorce epidemic, less likely to expose themselves and their feelings to being hurt. This is a generation that grew up with helicopter parents needing to know how much gluten was in their diet; they're not going to expose their emotions blindly.

They don't only have a safe space; they have a sex-free space as well.