Bruises have now turned into death threats for Michelle Fields, the 28-year-old reporter who charged Donald Trump's campaign manager Corey Lewandowski with battery, after he grabbed her at a news conference last month.

TheBlaze obtained audio of a call recently received by Fields, in which an individual threatened to slit her throat unless she dropped the charges against Lewandowski.

"I know where you live," the man told Fields. "You have 36 hours to drop the charges. I'm dead serious."

TheBlaze reported that a similar call was made to Fields' brother, and more threats were made to Fields over her Instagram account.

A former reporter for Breitbart News and Fox News contributor, Fields was recognized on Red Alert Politics' "30 under 30" list in 2012. She was attempting to ask Trump a question at a news conference when his campaign manager grabbed her arm and yanked her away from the candidate. Lewandowski at first denied ever touching Fields, but was later charged based on irrefutable security camera footage.

Fields was forced to vacate her apartment last week after news outlets posted her address and phone number along with Lewandowski's arrest report.

Listen to the audio of the threatening call below, courtesy of TheBlaze: