Red Alert Politics Editor Ron Meyer joined Fox News to debate Mustafa Tameez about the political effects of Hillary Clinton's email scandal.

Meyer said:

You're saying there's 'all smoke and no fire.' Here's the problem. Julian Assange is coming out and saying, 'hey, maybe I do have the fire, and we have more stuff to release.' The judge just ordered the State Department to release 15,000 more emails. And so, maybe the fire does exist, and it's going to be a problem for Hillary Clinton.

It's creating a bigger problem for her because of the fallout from it, especially with a key part of the Democrat base: millennials. We run a Millennial Polling Average. Right now, she's around 40 percent. You have to remember, President Obama got 60 percent. You get into the data, it's because they think she is dishonest. This backs up that point, that people think she's dishonest, that she did things in the State Department for her own personal gain. 

Name me somebody in Congress who has a personal charity that people donate to. 

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