When "pictures or it didn't happen" is the law of the land, two teenage girls have done their utmost to ensure that everyone will know they met most of the 2016 presidential candidates, even if it was only long enough to take a selfie.

And that's how the Nozell sisters from New Hampshire have made news -- by taking selfies with at least 15 presidential candidates.

They've taken so many that Donald Trump even expected them beforehand, saying, "These are the girls. Oh, all right, let's get the selfie," when he saw them.

With the hashtag #presidentialselfiegirls, the pair's Twitter feed is covered by selfies taken with various politicians, for what they call a "fun little summer project."

"We kinda just started with Chris Christie and I just took a selfie and Addy kinda made a challenge to have one with all the candidates," Emma, the younger of the two, told CBS News.

Counted among the politicians in their selfies are big names like Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, and Lindsay Graham. They have not yet snagged selfies with Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.

But ultimately, the girls are using this as an opportunity to make well-informed decisions about their political beliefs.

"You wanna know who you're voting for and why. You don't want to be like 'that name sounds cool' and just check it off. You want to have a valid reason to vote for them," Emma told CBS.