The media may claim to be the people's watchdog, but it turns out they're watching some politicians closer than others.

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were dealing with controversy on Monday. The father of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen endorsed the former first lady, and stood directly behind her during a rally. Trump had another gaffe, and said, "Maybe Second Amendment people could stop Hillary from nominating anti-gun judges."

CBS, ABC, and NBC dedicated nearly five times as much airtime to Trump's gaffe than Clinton's endorsement from an Al-Qaeda supporter, NewsBusters reported.

Altogether, the major networks spent 25 minutes and 35 seconds dedicated to Trump on both the evening shows on Tuesday and the morning shows on Wednesday, while giving the Clinton story just 4 minutes and 41 seconds of coverage during the same time period.

Charlie Rose was one of the worst culprits of media bias. He opened his program with the billionaire's statement and waited until nearly the end of the program to talk about Clinton and read from her statement disavowing the shooter's father.

He made no such effort to defend Trump.