Talk show host Mark Levin never is one to mince words about what he really feels about Barack Obama, and Saturday afternoon was not any exception.

Levin told activists gathered for the Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s Defending the American Dream Summit that Obama’s America is one where the Constitution is ignored and where governmentally dependent “malcontents” are in control.

“I personally believe that the president of the United States is one of the malcontents,“ Levin said. “In his own words, he seeks to fundamentally transform the country that we love.

“He seeks to remake America,” Levin continued. “You don’t have the constitutional authority Mr. President to fundamentally transform America.”

But Obama has in by no means created this trend, which Levin traces back over 100 years to the Progressive Era and its assertion that government needs to grow in power to cure societal ills.

Obama fancies the political system of Red China where decisions get made by party fiat without the checks and balances of American constitutional government, Levin said.

“The president should first and foremost be trying to preserve the Constitution, not evade it,” Levin said.

Levin charged that Obama seeks to similarly rule unilaterally by “executive fiat,” ignoring the Constitution’s separation of powers in the process, noting his lack of regard for the nation’s immigration laws, his refusal to uphold the Defense of Marriage Act, the HHS Mandate and his unconstitutional decision to make recess appointments while Congress was still in session among others.

He also slammed Obama for wrecking the economy and for penalizing people for achieving in life, saying that the president finds the entire capitalist pursuit and the wealth that it creates “immoral.”

“Obama famously or infamously said that if you got somewhere that you didn’t get there on your own,” Levin said. “There are a lot of people working hard out there who have had enough.

“We don’t need the permission of other countries or the president of the United States to do what we choose.”

Levin attributes what he sees as the president’s contempt for free enterprise to his having been influenced by people like noted communist Frank Marshall Davis, Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers, radical activist Saul Alinsky and his former pastor Jeremiah Wright.

Obama’s only legacy besides a shredded Constitution has been increased dependency on government in the form of increased food stamps and poverty, and it is up to the current generation to turn things around, Levin said.