Imagine if Charleston shooter Dylann Roof's father was a member of the KKK, had ties to several neo-Nazi parties in Europe, and said that his son shouldn't have shot any black people because God was going to punish them anyways. Now imagine how the media would have reacted if he was also a Donald Trump supporter and received primetime seating right behind the Republican candidate at one of his rallies.

To say the media would have been apoplectic is an understatement, yet when that exact scenario happened to Hillary Clinton they were nearly silent.

Seddique Mateen, the father of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen, came out to support Clinton at a rally on Monday and received a seat right behind the Democratic nominee.

It's very possible that the campaign had no idea who he was and it was a tragic oversight -- that's happened plenty of times to presidential campaigns. Nonetheless, when Republicans find themselves in these scenarios, the media runs wild and these incidents make it into national headlines for days. Meanwhile, the media tends to cover for Democrats.

When it came out that Mateen, who supports the Taliban and believes that God will punish gay people, attended the rally on Monday night, many news organizations sat on the story until noon the next day.

Some news outlets like The New York Times and NPR immediately went on the defensive, claiming Clinton's campaign knew nothing about Mateen's attendance and didn't mention his radical beliefs on gays or the Taliban.

They weren't the only ones -- ABC, CBS, and NBC didn't mention Mateen's ties to extremism, and no one questioned why someone with beliefs like his supported Clinton.

Media outrage is strange like that, while they couldn't help but retweet any and every phony outrage and guilt by association with Trump, they basically ignored the Mateen story and made no attempt to link him to Clinton's policies.

Even though the topic trended on Twitter, none of the top tweets came from a media personality.

That is the problem with the media during this election cycle; they have become more biased than ever. They applaud Clinton at her rallies and press conferences, contact the DNC to edit their stories, and openly push her agenda.

In a fairer system, members of the media should have to wear "I'm With Her" pins before giving any of their "analysis."