Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) signed a new bill into law Wednesday allowing gun owners to carry open or concealed firearms without a permit.

Second Amendment activists call these type of laws "constitutional carry."

The Pine Tree State now joins Alaska, Arizona, Wyoming, Kansas, and Vermont, all of whom have unrestricted open or concealed carry laws. Arkansas and Montana also allow a limited form of unrestricted carry.

More than a dozen state have considered "constitutional carry," according to Reuters.

The law passed with bipartisan support and is expected to take effect sometime in October, 90 days after the state's legislature adjourns for summer recess in mid-July.

Maine already had a law on the books to carry a handgun openly without a permit, but the state government was heavily regulating concealed carry licenses. Applicants required a background check, a licensing fee, evidence that they could handle a gun properly, and have "good moral character."

Now those regulations have been eliminated for any resident over the age of 21 who is not already prohibited from owning a gun. Active members of the military and veterans over the age of 18 will also qualify.