Lindsey Graham is urging people to sign a petition against what he is calling the "Brad Pitt" debate.

The South Carolina Senator and GOP presidential candidate launched an email petition Tuesday against the first Republican debate scheduled for Aug. 6 because it will only include the top 10 candidates at the time based on their standing in the polls.

Adding to what is already being criticized as turning into a popularity contest, Graham suggested that actor Brad Pitt "would have a better shot of being on the debate stage than real candidates for president" because the debate's "criterion favors celebrities and candidates who have run previously with high name recognition," according to Bloomberg Politics.

Fox News announced they will determine the 10 participants based on their standings in a national poll closer to the debate, but have yet to specify which poll they will consult.

Limiting the first debate to only the top 10 only hurts the Republican primary voters because they "deserve to hear from all the candidates, not just the ones network executives pick to be on stage" Graham said.

What Graham didn't say in so many words is that the current standards of who gets to participate in the debate will not only hurt voters, but will hurt himself.

According to a recent Quinnipiac poll, Graham barely pulls in 1 percent of support from registered Republicans in crucial swing states.

Not only does Graham have to worry about Brad Pitt beating him to the debate, but the other big celebrity-turned-politician in the race -- Donald Trump, whose top spot in polls likely secures him a spot in the August debate.

With Graham's petition to change the criteria of who gets to be in what is now being called the "Brad Pitt Debate," it's safe to assume which celebrity endorsement Graham won't be getting.