The woman who exposed Bill Clinton's affair while in office is now speaking out after years of silence, saying that "Hillary must never become president" and revealing unsavory accounts of the then-first lady's unscrupulous quest for power.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail Online, Linda Tripp, now 65, is sharing insight on the Clintons from her time in the White House, calling Hillary the true 'ruler' who was behind every scandal, manipulating her way to the presidency from day one.

"This has been planned for so many years," Tripp said.

Tripp had a front seat to the Clinton administration -- her office was first outside the Oval office then right across from the first lady herself. But she is most infamous for being the friend who exposed President Clinton's affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky back in 1998.

Looking back on the scandal now, Tripp tells the Daily Mail Online that what she did was done out of "patriotic duty" and that she would do it again.  It seems that now, over a decade later, Tripp is dropping bombshells on the Clintons out of that same sense of patriotic duty.

Tripp strongly cautions that "Hillary must never become president," alleging that every scandal that took place was calculated, including her husband's widely publicized affair, in order to place her on the eventual trajectory for the White House.

"Women across the world could certainly understand her position of standing by her man, finding it admirable that she was working on her marriage, unaware that it was a charade," Tripp said of the infamous affair that marked Bill's presidency.  "She [Hillary] has that particular scandal to thank for her Senate candidacy and election and for everything that followed."

Beyond the accusations of leveraging her husbands promiscuity for her political advantage, Tripp insists on Hillary's ruthlessness and goal of ultimate power. She asserts that beyond immoral wrongdoings, Hillary has a more insidious side.

"When I think of Hillary Clinton, I think of a lingering taint of scandal and wrongdoing and, in my opinion, possible criminal activity," Tripp told the Daily Mail.