Ron Paul ran for president back in 2008 and 2012 on a platform that included auditing the Federal Reserve, and although his campaign wasn't successful, the message still lives on with his several elected officials and countless internet trolls.

For some reason, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve created an official Facebook page on Thursday. Maybe they thought it would help with public relations (it didn't).

Libertarians trolled the page and mercilessly mocked the institution, demanding that Congress "Audit the Fed." Some even went as far as reporting them to Facebook for promoting theft and vandalism.

Mocking the Fed's use of quantitative easing, printing money, and low interest rates, Libertarians flooded their page with negative comments.

"Can you guys please help me get some of that QE? I'm trying to buy 16 cars, 4 houses, 2 jets and a yacht," wrote one troll. "I swear it will stimulate the economy. I'll spend it all and cycle it back. I know velocity needs to pick up so I'll make sure to pay lots of models to live in my houses and travel with me. Thanks Fed! You are such a moral and upstanding institution!" even got in on the trolling and began promoting their website on the Facebook page, earning hundreds of likes.

"Did you know the Federal Reserve is a massive perpetual fraud protected and enforced by 'government'? Did you know these bankers counterfeit, rig interest rates, bailout their cronies on Wall Street, and enable the welfare/warfare/police state? Did you know that they are plundering you and your children? Learn more about the fraud:"

(h/t Zero Hedge)