An unexpected guest showed up at the Republican National Convention this week. Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson hit up the Tampa during the GOP’s presidential nominating convention in an attempt to persuade disgruntled Ron Paul supporters to vote for him over GOP nominee Mitt Romney in the 2012 general election.

Johnson volunteers passed out Johnson literature outside Paul’s six-hour “We are the Future Rally” on Sunday at the University of South Florida.

The former New Mexico Governor did not make an appearance at the Paul event in person, but he did speak at the unaffiliated P.A.U.L. Festival on Saturday. The three-day P.A.U.L Festival was sponsored by the Libertarian Party and was also held in Tampa at the Tampa fairgrounds’ Ford Amphitheater.

He also made a stop at the American Conservative Union’s “Nuestra Noche” party late Monday night, casually chatting up reporters and other party attendees.

Joe Hunter, Johnson’s press secretary, said in an email to Red Alert Politics that the former Republican was in Tampa at the invitation of the P.A.U.L. fest organizers.

“Other than a brief visit to the ACU party Monday night, he did not attend nor try to attend any convention activities,” Hunter said.

At the party Johnson told guests he was heading to Naples on Tuesday to campaign. A source familiar with Johnson’s schedule confirmed that he left Tampa on Tuesday.