About 100 Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) descended on a classroom at Portland State University on Thursday to fight the great evil of the modern era: millennials supporting Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

"Laughing at Liberals" YouTube account posted clips of the chaos that ensued during the Students for Trump meeting.

Alerted by the chalking around campus, liberal SJWs interrupted the meeting and asked questions, like 'Why should students support Trump?'

Peaceful discussion evolved into screaming matches, several fights nearly broke out, liberal activists threatened to physically harm Trump supporters and vandalize their property, and one student encouraged the mob to join an anti-capitalist group.

At one point one of the protestors didn't like the fact that Trump supporters were taping his unruly behavior.

"Point your f*****g camera at me, wait until that cameras not f*****g there with all these f*****g people. You wanna get fucked up by a f*****g faggot," he screamed.

Another protestor said she will "f**k shit up" unless her fellow SJW were allowed to speak.

Allegedly the organizers of the Students for Trump group called campus security after tensions in the room escalated and physical altercations nearly broke out, but security never arrived.

The socialist students celebrated shutting down the meeting and promised to end any future Students for Trump events.

It's ironic that tyrannical SJWs call Trump and his supporters fascists.

Watch the whole clip below: