Since airport security screeners are doing such a good job (read: failing over 95 percent of their undercover tests) one New York legislator wants to forcibly install metal detectors in basically every large public venue.

In the wake of the Louisiana movie theater shooting, New York State Senator Tony Avella (D-Queens) started whipping up legislation that would require all theaters, malls, and stadiums to install either metal detectors or “security officers with the wand that they can wave,” as he told CBS New York.

“Something has to be done and when you think about it, it’s hard to realize that we live in a different world; but we do,” he said.

Avella wants the state to pay half the costs of all this new security, and leave the rest to the hapless business owners forced to install it.

Reason’s Anthony Fisher notes that, in addition to being insane, this plan wouldn’t actually do much in the way of “security”—stadium metal detectors barely work, and mostly serve to create massive angry crowds, always a heartbeat away from a murderous stampede.

But, sadly, Avella isn’t the only state official pushing this idea.

Louisiana state representative Barbara Norton told KSLA News 12 News she’s also working on a bill to require metal detectors in theaters in her state.

Enjoy your movie-going freedoms while you still can--your days of smuggling in cheap snacks may be numbered.