The United Kingdom recently discovered what could motivate more millennials to vote in elections and its findings may be a useful tool to inspire American millennials to vote, rather than stay at home and sulk in November.

According to a study conducted by Squiz, 53 percent of millennials would be more likely to vote if they had an option to cast their ballot digitally.

“Millennials are digital natives, raised on a diet of devices and apps; so it’s no surprise that they would be more inclined to vote if they could do so digitally,” said Squiz co-founder Stephen Morgan. “They are accustomed to using technology for communication every day and for everything.”

Only 7 percent of the interviewees said that online voting would have no effect on their participation.

Millennials, otherwise known as “the tech-iest generation,” are well accustomed to communicating their ideas with friends and family through digital means, such as social media, texting, and tweeting. Now, they want to cast their ballots digitally too.

Shopping, dating, banking – these are just a few everyday functions that have transitioned to the world of cyberspace. However, voting has not yet made the jump, and the physical act of going to a voting booth may be holding back a certain percentage of young people.

"Data would suggest that a lot of them are intimidated by the process,” said Ben Sheridan, a strategic advisor for the non-profit organization VOTERISE. “They don’t know how to go about the process and they don’t think that the issues actually affect them."

One millennial voter from Utah said that the voting process needs to be made “easier” because young people don’t use “snail mail.”

"You can submit your taxes online, if you could vote online, everyone would do it," she said. "I think that it's enough of a hassle that is different from what people are normally just goes by the wayside.”

Transitioning to online voting may be the answer to encourage millennial engagement, since the idea of simply participating in democracy doesn’t seem to enthuse many of them. Of course that means that the “I Voted” sticker will become a thing of the past and the next challenge will be giving millennials something else to photograph and post on Instagram.