Donald Trump is an inconsiderate, loud mouth, know-it-all blowhard, who is disrespectful to every walk of life -- or so the mainstream media would like you to believe. A prominent Latino millennial from Virginia got to spend some time with the billionaire and found out that the media was lying.

William Estrada, the chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee, was asked by senior staffers to give the invocation at Trump's rally in Ashburn, Virginia on Tuesday.

"I said I'd be happy to, but I also told him that as a born again Christian, I end my prayers with 'I pray all of this in the name of Jesus.' Since I know that in this day and age mentioning the name of Jesus can offend some people, I said I'd understand if they preferred that someone else give the invocation," Estrada explained in a Facebook post. "His response to me was: 'We know that's how you pray, that's why we asked you.'"

Estrada gave the invocation and waited backstage for Trump.

"I was immediately struck by his presence - he radiates confidence, but also I was struck by his soft spoken demeanor. He spoke softly and thoughtfully the entire time we were backstage."

Trump worked the room backstage and approached retired Lt. Col. Louis Dorfman who served in the 82d Airborne. They shook hands and the veteran handed him a Purple Heart and offered it to the Republican nominee.

"Trump was surprised and said something like 'I can't take this!' We were all surprised and not expecting this. It was pretty cool to see the respect this veteran had for Trump," Estrada continued in the post.

The Loudon County Republican Chairman then got his chance to meet the billionaire and introduced himself along with his position.

"He immediately stopped and looked at me: 'Will, how do I win Loudoun?'" Estrada continued in the post. "We started talking and he called over one of his staffers. 'George, these people here in Virginia know what we need to do to win Virginia.' And then - in a really cool turn of events - John Whitbeck, the GOP chairs of Prince William County and Arlington County, Trump's campaign staffer, and me are all huddled in a corner, photos forgotten, strategizing on how Trump will win Virginia. Trump didn't do a lot of talking. He listened to all of us, he made sure his staff had our emails, and he said that we would have everything we needed."

Estrada was also amazed that Trump made sure he took a photo with the Sheriff's deputies.

"I was struck by how Trump didn't forget the 'little people.' Even though it was just a few of us and no media, he was relaxed and took the time to get photos with everyone."

The rally was exciting. Thousands of people showed up on 24 hour notice to see the billionaire. Estrada noted that he saw the incident with the crying baby and said it wasn't at all like the media portrayed it.

"One thing I want to mention is the baby crying, because that has been national news. Contrary to news stories, it was a very funny thing, Trump was very supportive of the mom calling her and her baby 'beautiful' and 'wonderful,' and then when the baby kept crying he turned it into a joke. Everyone was laughing and it was actually very endearing and funny. Not at all anti mom or anti baby like the media has portrayed it to be."

"Trump was being funny and personable and going out of his way to make sure the mom wasn't embarrassed by making it a funny situation," he continued. "My conclusion is that the media is selling us a narrative. Be very skeptical of what the media is telling you, because I saw it with my own eyes and it was something very different."

Estrada's post went viral and was shared more than 15,000 times. He told Red Alert Politics exclusively that he thinks that people wanted to share a story like that because it was respectful.

"And then in my final paragraph I shared my honesty -- I was there, I knew what I saw (regarding the baby), and I still began to doubt myself in the face of all the media stories," he also told RAP. "We've all been there, and we all feel that the media is trying to manipulate us."