[caption id="attachment_141262" align="aligncenter" width="2948"] Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, right, (AP Photo/Nick Ut) 


Is this a case of buyer's remorse?

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti made some curious comments Wednesday about his city's new $15 minimum wage and what he thought the rest of the country should do.

He said that while he still supports his city's decision to raise the wage up to $15 an hour by 2020, he warned that it is probably not a good idea for other places to adopt that rate.

"Different economies need different levels. The cost of living is different, and you need to cater to what works for your city," Garcetti said during a speech at Washington's National Press Club.

The $15 rate has been the liberal rallying cry around the country, with fast-food workers and Democratic presidential candidates all taking up the so-called "Fight for 15."

Garcetti went on to say that eventually the minimum wage should reach $15 nationally, but it would need to be phased in over a period much longer than the five years L.A. plans to take, the Wall Street Journal reported.