A “Kill Mitt Romney” Facebook page has appeared advocating the murder of the presumptive GOP nominee. The site appears amid calls by radicals such as the New Black Panthers to wreak havoc at the Republican National Convention.

The page has 29 likes so far. Commenters on the page have called for the FBI to investigate who might behind the page.

“The is shameful, the FBI should be investigating whomever built this page, but they won't because they only investigate people who are Conservative,” one poster wrote.

While another poster with the handle “Remove the Kill Mitt Romney page” speculated that someone form Occupy was behind the page.

"Why isn't this person being 'detained' by the Feds? If this were an Obama page, this person would be in federal custody. sick!!!" another poster said.

Facebook has been notified about the threatening page, according to multiple posters.

This uncivil behavior stands in stark contrast with the calls for civility from the President and others on the Left following last year’s shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

The site has since been taken down  as of Monday afternoon, and a "Kill Paul Ryan" page with two likes thus far has been setup.