Key & Peele has already popularized "Luther," the Obama "anger translator," who helps Obama reveal what he really means behind all those political platitudes. In the new season, Hillary gets her own translator, Savannah, to go toe to toe with Luther.

As Obama and Hillary trade awkward pleasantries in the hallway--"Good to see you!”-- Savannah translates: “My hatred for you is a pure force of nature that is gonna move me onward to my destiny!”

Luther, of course, shoots right back: “I’ve pretended to like you for seven years... You a nasty-ass b—”

"Savannah" actress Stephnie Weir recently told Vulture she’s already prepping to come to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner with Hillary, just in case.

"Oh my gosh, even if she doesn't win. I won't be asked, but I will be there in a terrible powder-blue tacky outfit, just in case!"

Watch the clip below, via Zap2It:

(h/t Mediaite)