Journalistic biases are often more about what is left out than what is actually said.

This morning’s episode of CBS’s Face the Nation was a classic example of the sort of journalistic malpractice that has led more and more Americans to tune out the Sunday morning shows.

Fill-in host Nancy Cordes interviewed embattled Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter and Romney campaign adviser Eric Ferhnstrom and ignored what has been one of the biggest stories of the past week.

Cutter has been under scrutiny all week after being caught in a blatant lie about what she knew about a Priorities USA ad that unfairly implied Mitt Romney’s responsibility for the death of a woman.

The ad involved the wife of Joe Soptic, a former worker for GST Steel, a former Bain investment where the plant was closed.

It blames that closure for Soptic’s wife not having health insurance several years later when she was diagnosed with cancer, while ignoring several relevant facts.

First, Romney left Bain Capital in 1999, two years before the plant was closed.

Second, Joe Soptic’s wife had insurance through her own employer several years after the plant shut down. And lastly, Joe Soptic was offered a buyout from GST Steel before the closing, but chose to reject it.

Even Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz has tried to distance herself from the ad.

When asked about the ad and whether the President would denounce it, Cutter denied having any knowledge of the story.

However, it was later discovered that the Obama campaign had actively promoted the story and that Cutter herself was involved in a conference call where it was discussed.

After the truth came out, Cutter cancelled her scheduled appearance on ABC’s This Week this morning.

Cutter’s replacement on that program, David Axelrod, was challenged on the substance of this ad.

Instead Cutter went on Face the Nation, where the host failed to even mention the ad or her response.

Americans rely on the media to present them with the truth about what is occurring in the campaign.

If a senior campaign official can be caught blatantly lying to the press and then avoid questions about it when going on a major news show, someone is failing to do their job.