Josh Romney gave NBC Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd quite the interview at Wednesday’s “Conversations with the Next Generation” town hall hosted by National Journal and The Atlantic.

Josh, father of five and the middle child of Mitt Romney’s 5 sons, gave the audience some insight into the family’s personal life and touched on what his father would accomplish in office.

Romney called the whole ordeal an “emotional rollercoaster,” and assured the audience that his father was running for the right reasons.

“He doesn’t need it as an ego trip or another notch on his belt,” said Romney.

“Four years ago we didn’t know what we were getting into,” said Romney of the family's decision for Mitt enter the race for President. “Four years later, we really had to think about it and think hard.”

Romney said it’s difficult to watch people talk negatively about his father because he just wants to engage them and tell them what a great guy his dad is. Todd asked Romney whether he’s started calling his father Mitt yet.

“I usually call him dad, but sometimes Mitt slips out,” laughed Romney.

Todd then asked if any others in the family had political ambitions.

“I don’t know. Ask Tagg,” replied Romney with a big grin.