Conservative political pundit Jonah Goldberg pulled no punches when discussing his recent book The Tyranny of Clichés and the ensuing book tour, slamming journalists like Piers Morgan and other unfriendly interviewers who employed the very tired, liberal cliches he highlights in his book.

Goldberg told the young crowd at the Young America’s Foundation (YAF) annual conference, “One of the many things I was unprepared for was the tendency of interviewers to think that the best way to rebut my book’s thesis was to confirm its point.”

Goldberg sounded off about journalists and interviewers who have never read his book, yet often times try to tear his work apart, highlighting his now infamous interview with Piers Morgan. He said he felt bad about constantly “beating up on the guy” on his book tour, much to the crowd’s delight.

“As the British guys here know, Piers Morgan is not exactly the greatest single example of a sincere intellectual and committed journalist.”

Goldberg also couldn’t help but take another jab at Morgan, saying that he had more Twitter followers than Morgan had viewers every night.  Goldberg said that despite not focusing solely on his book during the interview, Morgan kept going back to the point of his book: liberals are not straightforward about their beliefs.

Goldberg argues that liberals refused to be pinned down with labels, and pretend to be pragmatists, whereas conservatives and libertarians tend to be more honest in their beliefs.

YAF’s National Conservative Students Conference (NCSC) is an annual gathering of YAF members, supporters and conservative students in Washington, D.C.