Jon Stewart insists that his quiet meetings with Obama weren’t that different from how most of his meetings go—with Obama basically saying, “Jon, why are you such an a—hole.”

Politico reported earlier this week that Obama has twice called Stewart to the White House for private meetings where the president tried to sell Stewart on his agenda. While this has been widely reported in the press, Stewart tried to downplay the whole thing on his show--even while admitting the president was definitely trying to "flatter" him.

“Was the president of the United States trying to influence or intimidate or flatter me? My guess is ‘uh-huh.’ Did it work? Might have. Was it sinister? I don’t f—ing know.”

Stewart insisted that the meetings weren’t really “secret,” since they appeared in the White House log, and that he would have gone to meet with any president of the United States who summoned him personally.

“This is what happened. We spent about 5-7 minutes with Obama kind of scolding me not to turn young Americans cynical. Then I spent about 5-7 Americans explaining to him I’m actually skeptically idealistic…then we spent about 45 minutes arguing about ‘Really, the VA can’t be fixed any quicker?’”

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