Millennials are visual creatures, they don't have long attention spans, and they don't spend a lot of time reading, so what better way to reach the largest generation than with memes?

That's what a Super PAC supporting Libertarian Gary Johnson is banking on. A new FEC filing revealed that AlternativePac spent $30,000 on memes.

AlternativePAC was formed by Matt Kibbe, president of the non-profit organization Free the People, to support the Libertarian nominee.

“There is real interest in the Libertarian ticket, and Gary Johnson has a historic opportunity,” Kibbe told Reason back in June. “Our PAC will use data, technology, narrative, and cutting-edge social media to target disaffected constitutional conservatives, independents, and Bernie progressives looking for something different.”

According to Gawker, the Super PAC has raised more than $500,000 and this is its first major expense, but the group has yet to share a single meme on their Facebook account or website.

This isn't the only Super PAC supporting the Libertarian nominee. At the end of May, Purple PAC announced that they were transitioning from pro-Rand Paul to supporting Johnson. The Washington Post reported that they hoped to raise $10 million, but it's unknown how much they plan to spend on memes.