The battle over chicken sandwiches at Johns Hopkins University continues.

In the spring, the Johns Hopkins Student Government Association voted to ban the Chick-fil-A restaurant chain from campus. Now other students are saying the ban threatens the university’s commitment to freedom of speech, intellectual diversity and religious freedom.

A petition asking the administration to “reject and repudiate” the student government resolution has received 70 signatures as of July 13.

“Unless the JHU administration disavows it, the Chick-fil-A ban will introduce unprecedented discrimination against social and religious conservatives into the university’s contracting policies, even though the Starbucks on campus enjoys the freedom to support socially liberal causes,” the petition reads.

The petition also notes that the JHU Athletics Department has contracted with Chick-fil-A since 2012 to serve sandwiches at all home games on campus, a partnership which has been popular among students and has not resulted in any instances of discrimination.

In April the student government passed a resolution to preemptively ban any Chick-fil-A restaurants from being built on campus. The students decided that the presence of a Chick-fIl-A would constitute a “microaggression” towards members of the LGBTQ community because the former CEO Dan Cathy supports traditional marriage.

JHU senior Andrew Guernsey disagrees. He initiated the petition on entitled, “Revoke the JHU SGA’s Discriminatory Chick-fil-A Ban.”

“We hope that the administration would issue a statement to defend the right to free speech and religious freedom on campus and not introduce a discriminatory policy that the student government has called for,” Guernsey told The College Fix.