What do you get when you put together a former Minnesota governor who believes that the government is trying censor, poison, or kill its citizens and a senator who wants a more active federal government? Jesse Ventura's endorsement of Bernie Sanders for president.

In an internet video released Monday on Ora, the former Navy Seal turned wrestler, turned governor, turned conspiracy theorist has endorsed the self-described socialist senator for President.

“Hats off to Bernie Sanders. I’ll help him anyway I can, although I’m not quite as socialistic. Bernie believes in power to the people and the people controlling the government, and I believe in that also. So I hope Bernie’s successful, and I wish him well the whole way,” Ventura wrote on the blog.

The former governor has often flirted with the idea of being the commander-in-chief, he even asked radio personality Howard Stern if he would be his vice president a couple years back.

Despite his best wishes to Sanders, those dreams of a Ventura presidential bid haven't died.

“And if Bernie fails, maybe next year Jesse Ventura will pick up the gauntlet,” he stated in the blog.