Reality TV star Nicole Ritchie and actor Jason Bateman played "Name that Thing" on Thursday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The rules of the game were pretty simple. Kimmel presented a thing and Ritchie and Bateman had to write down what it was. They were rewarded 50 points for correctly naming it, 10 for coming close to naming it, and no points for a completely incorrect guess.

The first thing presented was a barometer, which Ritchie thought was a "liquor glass surprise" and Bateman thought it was a "liquor dispenser."

It didn't get any better for the celebrities when they were presented with a theremin. Despite having the word "theremin" labeled on the item, Ritchie incorrectly said it was an "ether wave surprise" and Bateman said "ether wave thing."

Watch the clip below: