The day after her husband stepped into the national spotlight joining the Republicanpresidential ticket, Janna Ryan waved, smiled and shook hands. But she did not speak.

Paul Ryan’s wife is carefully taking her first steps into the harsh spotlight that comes with a run for the White House.

A former tax attorney and congressional staffer with degrees from Wellesley College and George Washington University, Janna Ryan is accustomed to the rigors of political life. But as adoring crowds of Republicans turn out to see her husband, the stages Janna will stand on are bigger than ever.

Rep. Dan Boren (D-Okla.), a cousin, said she “will be Paul’s strongest supporter on the campaign trail.” In recent interviews, a chorus of neighbors and friends have called her “ladylike,” “rocket smart” and “sweet and wonderful.”

After a dozen years as a congressional wife, Janna is undoubtedly accustomed to the duties of a political spouse. When Paul Ryan traveled to Park City, Utah, earlier this year for fundraising events for Mitt Romney and congressional candidate Mia Love, Janna tagged along. She met the governor and posed for the standard shake-and-grin pictures, but she also pulled her husband aside for a photo of the two of them with their backs to the mountains.
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