House Republicans will put forward an amendment on Thursday to undo a ban on the Confederate flag at national cemeteries that they voted in support of just a couple of days ago.

The Hill reported that the amendment to the House's Interior and Environment spending bill would allow the controversial flag to be displayed at cemeteries managed by the National Park Services.

Rep. Ken Calvert (R-Calif.) sponsored the amendment in the brief closing minutes of the floor debate Wednesday night. 

“This amendment will codify existing National Park Service policy and directives with regard to the decoration of cemeteries and concession sales. I urge adoption of my amendment,” Calvert said in the closing moments of House debate.

While there was little debate on Tuesday during the initial vote to ban the flag from Park Service-managed cemeteries and stores, there is most surely going to be a debate in reinstating the flag.

Rep. Betty McCollum (D-Minn.) has already made it known that she is very upset about the amendment.

“The general display or sale of Confederate flag items is inappropriate and divisive, and I support limiting their use,” McCollum said.  “So I strongly oppose this amendment, which is an attempt to negate amendments that were approved yesterday without any opposition to limit the displaying of the Confederate flag. ... We should uphold what this House did yesterday, which is to say no to racism, which is to say no to hate speech.”

McCollum is only speaking her opinion when she comments on hate speech, not what is defined by constitutional law. The Supreme Court has ruled several times in favor of all speech even if it's hateful so long as it does not pose an immediate threat to the public.