House of Cards’ Robin Wright knows just how to win equality for women—by instating a murderousracist totalitarian who will execute a thousand people by firing squad!

Wright, who stars as Claire Underwood, told the London Evening Standard, “We need a revolution, we really do.”

“Thank God gender equality is finally being talked about and making news, but we need a female Che Guevara,” she said.

She went on to discuss the gender gap in Hollywood, saying she used to be afraid to pursue her dreams of directing, “And a lot of that, I think, was being a female in this industry.”

“It is a man’s world. Most industries are a man’s world. But when you break it down… it’s women [who do the work]. But they don’t necessarily get the credit. I think we know how to do house-cleaning very well, in more ways than one.”

Hollywood's alleged gender pay gap has been getting a lot of attention lately, particularly after Patricia Arquette delivered a viral Oscar acceptance speech, during which she demanded "wage equality once and for all."

Unfortunately, Wright is far from the only celebrity to plug Che's legacy.